The love that is loved by few                       Is pure than the purest dew                           It makes you bow before the one           That makes the whole universe done   When this love moves through your existence                                                   Shakes your soul , throw out all resistance                                                       The love that is beyond and above breathes                                                         The love that fears not death                       In your heart it creates a trance                 So in the crowd you may even dance       No reputation, but the one in God’s view Fulfills your soul to God in a tight sew :’)

She be the one ❤

There is a women who always keeps her head up high,

Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in the sky.
She has the stamina, beauty, and courage that one would admire,
Even the love and happiness one inspires.
She is a women that one can always count on,
And a women that sees no wrong.
Her beauty shines from the inside out,
It flows like a journey down a long route.
Her smile shines beautifully like the sun rising over the horizon,
And her intelligence, wisdom, and hard work are not surprising.
She is a genuinely caring women who goes the extra mile to help one in need or broken hearted, And throughout all of her hard work, no one ever sees her fall apart:’) 

To know what is never coming back !! 

This high makes me laugh, laugh loud, wicked and demented. It’s a high no drug can achieve. A high where smoke runs through me and dissolves in my skin. A euphoria or rather the state of it achieved with no drugs. They all take “stuff” to see colors fly, focus and be carefree only to dive deep into someone or something. 

Here I sit, diving deep into the abyss of those wicked eyes. This makes me laugh more, makes me laugh lazy, sexy and hazy. I am in my senses but barely. I feel on the edge of oblivion or maybe at the edge of falling deep and deep down in the never ending loop of this pain I want to fall until not an atom remains of this helpless, sickening soul of mine. It’s this never ending abyss that I believe will inflict enough pain to finally tear me into nothing until all existence will just be a figment of imagination. A lost thought, a failed experiment 

“the emotions some memories elicit”. To know a being has a mark on your beats, your mind, memories and subconscious, Sigh!  To know once you let go enough to be marked in this way, Sigh!. To know this once is never coming back, Sigh!. To know what you have are just redundant answers with no insight, Sigh!

Where do we stand !!

What are we ?                                           Where are we ?                                         Whom we are waiting for ?                 Which moment are we awaitnig ?     Strived for 60 years yet in struggle Looking for others to find us the glee What are we ?                                           Where are we ?                                               Our country is in pitfall of crisis          BANG ! BLAST ! HELP ! Every where criticisng the leaders , objecting the system !! correcting ourselves, is’nt considered as                                         wisdom !                                                     What are we ?                                           Where are we ?                              Corruption , cheating every where Hatered , jealousy in the air                       we were muslims 1400 years ago         Now, none ready to bow, five times a day Our youth is like a piece of crap                 No responsiblity except taking long a , cramming through books and pass examination !                                      Becoming Doctors & Engineers but cant they be good HUMAN ?                            Some hat to rise , whether you or me think for a while , if time is free !!       What are we ?                                            Where are we ?

There is thing called love !

She could see him through that spotless glass window and curtain of thin delicate fabric, not very clearly but still it was more than enough for her. She waited for Wednesday every week just to see him, just to catch a glimpse of him, to look at his innocent face, scattered hair on his forehead and beautiful green eyes in eternal peace and silence. She was just 18 when she met him and fell in love with him, married him and promised to be there for him in his health and sickness, good and bad and here she was keeping her promise. She was there for him whenever he needed her. Even when he suffered extreme mental condition and all his family abandoned him, his treatment bills were something which his family couldn’t afford, even then she didn’t back off. Stayed for him, for the sake of love, the sake of promise she had made to herself. She did jobs to get him treated and even worked on weekends so that he could get the best medical facilities and visited him every week on Wednesdays. Even then she couldn’t talk to him, laugh with him. She could just sit and stare, look at him. Looked at his face when he played like a child with the stuff around him, a small smile made place on her lips when he made cute, weird faces but then her heart ached when he didn’t care about the pair of eyes who watched him so lovingly. She wanted him back, wanted to live with him, love him and be his love like before but all her desires remained unfulfilled and all she could do was to sit there, capture the image of him in her eyes and think of the happy times which she wished for and then she suddenly realised that her visiting hours were over and she came out of the deep pit of thoughts and depth of his beautiful eyes ❤